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[07 Jul 2004|09:48pm]

i think i've been trying to clean my room for ten or fifteen hours already and it feels hopeless, i find so much everything i don't really need and i find so much everything i'm not sure if i need and i just don't know what i should do ... i wish i had a magical powers and i could turn all those not so necessary things into records. it would make me happy.

on the other hand, it has been a silent day and nothing special has happened. but a special day, after all.
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[25 Jun 2004|02:49pm]

my trip to southern finland was happy and i had a wonderful time there, nothing bad happened except once i got lost somewhere and it started to rain and rain and i didn't have my umbrella with me. but getting lost is exciting somehow though it was very cold ... it's strange i don't usually notice when i still know where i'm going and when i'm actually lost, it's a thin line somewhere between.

it's strange because still i don't really know what to think about helsinki, in some ways it makes me feel so brave and curious and happy but somehow it feels also so exhausting. it's a cold warm city and maybe that's why i like it so much, i have so many mixed feelings about it and about all those people, so many people everywhere. so many strangers everywhere ...


but now i'm home, but in a place that doesn't feel like home anymore.
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[24 Jun 2004|01:27pm]

that feeling just takes me over, it comes straight from the ...

h e a r t

( when i put my headphones on, close my eyes i can feel it, i know nothing will ever harm me, everything will be beautiful until i open my eyes. and then, it's time to be so small, again ... )
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[22 May 2004|02:35pm]

sometimes when i feel sad and alone i go outside and walk in the forest. it's beautiful and it's old, full of shadows and hiding places where little animals can sleep ...

photographsCollapse )
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[19 May 2004|12:05pm]

he's not alone but he goes out
and there's this boy standing alone
he's worried and he's lonely
and there's nothing they could do

"but it's warm inside" she says
and she gives him her hand
she gives him his heart
she's all he really needs

still they keep on asking,
they keep on following
"are you really ready for it
are you really waiting for it?"

but he went
and he had an unicorn tattoeed on his back

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